HEROES Reborn出演の日本人女優(刀ガール)祐真 キキ(Kiki Sukezane)の英語発音力


Dr.Dが最近お気に入りの海外ドラマ「HEROES Reborn」、最近寝る前にいつもこれを観ています。これは過去に人気のあったドラマ「HEROES」の続編で、超能力者にまつわるお話です。

その中で今回もまた日本人のキャストが入っています。祐真 キキ(Kiki Sukezane)さんといって、日本生まれ日本育ち生粋の関西人です。役はKatana Girlというゲームの中のキャラクターという設定。





Interviewer: Tell me little bit about your role and response from everybody in Japan.

Kiki: Cool. I play Miko Ootomo which is a Katana girl in the show and my character is a Japanese girl who lives in Japan and actually meet with other Japanese actor whose name is Ren Shimosawa played by Toru Uchikado. And then in the show, we kind of try to find her father together and they traveled to America to find her father. That’s kind of complicated but.. And then my character is also.. is a video game character, so not really a human. So go into the video world and also go outside of the game and I had so many action scenes which use a Samurai sword fighting. We shot.. We did a lot of motion capture for the inside of the video game, and then did the fighting outside, you know, and so in Japan, I was in Japan a week ago and original heroes was such a huge American show in Japan and also.. that’s why Heroes reborn is such a big show as well in Japan, and I was back there and then everyone thought that I am like a star in hollywood or something, like that and ..

Interviewer: Wow that’s amazing, so what did they do like when they see you come through the door? Like did they cheer for you or did they..?

Kiki: They invited me for all the talk shows in Japan and I’m such a famous girl in Japan now, haha.

Interviewer: That’s a really cool thing. Now I’m.. uh.. Congratulations on all of your success! And the last question would be, how did you prepare for your Samurai role? Did you have to learn certain moves and how to hold it?

Kiki: Well, I started to learn a samurai sword fighting like six or seven years ago, so I knew already how to fight with a sword even before the show. That’s why they kind of booked me. I also used other weapon which is called Naginata, which is like much longer than a sword but there’s a blade on top, and it’s kind of bo staff but with a blade. But then I had now a really magical experience for that, so I kind of practice a lot for that.

Interviewer: Good for you. It’s paying off. Congratulations. Nice meeting you.


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  1. いつもご紹介をありがとうございます!楽しんで拝見しています。後藤久美子みたいでとっても可愛いお嬢さんですね。英語も大変聞き取りやすいです。 私もこのドラマ、見てみようかなって思いました。

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