【would’ve VS wouldn’t have】肯定文と否定文イントネーションの違い


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can VS can’t の違い

I can do it
/ai kun doo it/
I could do it
/ai kud doo it/
You should do it
/yu shud doo it/

I can’t do it
/ai kyant doo it/
I couldn’t do it
/ai kudnt doo it/
You shouldn’t do it
/yu shudnt doo it/


肯定文     否定文
would’ve been VS wouldn’t have been

We … able to make it

would’ve been VS wouldn’t have been

We would’ve been able to make it
/wi woo duv bin nei bul tu mei kit/

We wouldn’t have been able to make it
/wi woo dun nuv bin nei bul tu mei kit/

could’ve been VS couldn’t have been

It could’ve been worse
/i koo duv bin wers/

It couldn’t have been better
/i koo dun nuv bin be ter/

should’ve been VS shouldn’t have been

I should’ve been more careful
/ai shu duv bin mor keir ful/

You shouldn’t have been there
/yu shu dun nuv bin their/


I would’ve come if I had known you were there.
I wouldn’t have come if I had know you were there.

Thank god, you are safe! It could’ve been worse.
The show was awesome. It couldn’t have been better.

I should’ve bought it before it’s sold out.
I shouldn’t have bought it without knowing well.

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